Will our smartphones soon be storing TBs of data?

No one can deny that smartphones have had a significant effect on the way we create, consume and store our data and Fields Data Recovery now recover data from hundreds of iPhones etc. every year. Often, though, due to their relatively low storage capacities, users need to carefully select their most important files (their favourite music or video files, for example) which they will then afford a space in their phone’s storage media. Other files can usually be accessed through the cloud but this, of course, is not possible when someone finds themselves in an area with poor signal. It’s also worth noting that streaming data from the cloud can become expensive once a user has exceeded the monthly data allowance they’re afforded by their service provider.

In short, it would be far more convenient if it were possible to store all of our data on our smartphones. Sadly, this has been limited by technology with high-storage capacity media like HDDs simply being too big for smartphones and flash-based storage capable of storing lots of data simply not being affordable. A recent announcement by The SD Association, however, suggests that smartphones capable of storing Terabytes of data may be available in the not too distant future.

The association have predicted that the new SD Ultra Capacity (SCUD) specification could one day result in SD cards capable of storing a truly astonishing 128TBs of data. To put that in context, no smartphone currently available boasts more than 256GBs of storage space, meaning that a 128TB phone would offer a 500-fold increase on this figure.

The SD Association’s press release suggests that this new specification has been created with those working with new video formats such as 8K and super-slow-motion capture in mind but, with the SD card format being ideal for slim devices such as smartphones, we think it’d only be a matter of time before such technology was used to ramp up the storage capacity of mobile devices. It could even be used, you’d presume, to manufacture SSDs pushing capacities of one petabyte.

Sadly, we think that it’ll be some time before SD cards are capable of storing hundreds of Terabytes but with 1TB SD cards already available for purchase, we’re certain that the technology will be used to create smartphones that offer comparable storage relatively soon. Following this, capacities will continue to rise until we do indeed have phones offering several terabytes of storage. We'd better get ready for more SD data recovery jobs!

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