How much does a hard drive data recovery service cost?

How much will it cost to recover the data on my hard drive?’ is undoubtedly the most common question Fields Data Recovery’s technicians receive. In spite of this, though, it’s also a question that can’t be answered accurately before we’ve had the opportunity to examine the drive.

Yes, we can provide a ballpark figure but, as hard drives can fail for any number of reasons, the cause of the data loss must be identified before we can determine what will need to be done to recover it. As with any other mechanical device – whether a car, a washing machine or anything else – an expert must conduct an in-depth visual examination of the device before a detailed quote can be provided.

Granted, if you look hard enough, you’re certain to find companies offering to recover data for a fixed fee (the cost is usually determined by the volume of data that is to be recovered) but, however tempting this prospect may be, such companies really should be avoided. The amount of data stored on a device rarely has any bearing on the actions needed to recover it. Furthermore, in order to ensure they remain profitable, this fixed fee would have to be significantly higher than the actual cost of most recoveries as the company would need to ensure that the price they charged covered the cost of spare parts, replacement drives etc.

Find out how much it’ll cost to get your data recovered

Imagine if you could find out much it would cost you to getyour data back without you needing to spend a penny and without any further obligation – this is a reality with Fields Data Recovery’s free diagnostic service.

Simply send your drive to us (you can find instructions by clicking on the link) and we’ll diagnose it, identify the problem, determine the best course of action and provide you with a list of retrievable files along with an exact quote for their recovery.

Unlike other data recovery companies, our quotes are completely free of obligation and, if the price quoted is too high, we’ll simply return your drive to you free of charge.

So, whilst we’re sorry that we can’t tell you exactly how much our hard drive recovery service will cost you at this very moment, we can let you know how much it’ll costs and how much of your data can be recovered – and all in just 48 hours!