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Historically, servers were made to perform a single task but, with the emergence of virtualisation and accompanying software/services such as VMware, businesses are able to harness the increased processing power of these devices and they now perform multiple roles with their users enjoying reduced costs as a direct result.

Essentially, virtualisation allows a single server (known as a host) to operate as numerous virtual servers at any given time thus allowing what could previously be used as only a single unit to serve as multiple machines.

This hardware is generally comprised of a RAID array and our free diagnostic will involve the following steps:

  • The configuration and file-system will be analysed and a comprehensive understanding of the setup formed;
  • A review of the arrays physical components is undertaken and it is decided if any should be Recovered/replaced; and
  • A bespoke plan for the safe extraction of your organisation's data is developed.

Whilst Fields boast a remarkably high recovery rate with all kinds of servers, we can never be certain that your data is recoverable before a diagnostic has taken place. Book your free diagnostic today and get a no-obligation, fixed-fee quote by sending us an email or calling us on 0800 083 7891

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