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Apple machines such as MacBooks, iMacs and similar devices use a file-system known as HFS+. This system utilises a feature known as journaling which maintains a record of all changes that are made to files and folders in order to restore the system to a prior usable state in the event of a failure. Problematically, however, this means that when a file is deleted, all of the metadata associated with it is deleted also.

As the analysis of metadata often plays a key part in the recovery of data, our technicians will undertake the following steps when conducting a free diagnostic on your organisation's Mac device:

  • Locate file signatures on the host system used to identify file formats;
  • Use these signatures to reconstruct data; and
  • Develop a bespoke plan for the extraction and backing up of this data.

Unfortunately, it is simply not possible to guarantee that a Mac's data can be recovered nor the associated costs determined without having first analysed the drive. Ensure that your organisation's data can be recovered and find out how much it'll cost you by booking your free diagnostic today simply send us an email or call us on 0800 083 7891!

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