Data Recovery Prevention: Ransomware and how to avoid it

19 Jan 2018
Ransomware is becoming one of the main causes of data loss. Here's how you can protect yourself from it.
Ransomware is a type of computer virus that is used by hackers in order to leverage our growing reliance on the data we have stored on our devices against us for monetary gain. Put simply, once a device is infected with one of these viruses, the data stored on it is encrypted, with hackers then demanding a fee for the decryption key. The data is, quite literally, held to ransom, hence the virus’s name. As you can imagine, the effects of ransomware can be devastating. Furthermore, when the infected device is attached to a network, it can go on to infect every other device that is attached to it making it an extremely potent threat to businesses of all shapes and sizes....

How much does data recovery cost?

17 Jan 2018
Find out how much it'll cost to get your data recovered
Whether you’re looking to recover data from a phone, a memory card, a hard drive or anything else, no company will be able to provide you with an accurate quote until they’ve diagnosed your media and determined the problem. Before this has been done, it is simply not possible to determine what will need to be done to recover your data and, as a result, the cost. Just as a builder, mechanic or plumber would be unable to let you know how much a job will cost before they’ve looked at your home, car or boiler, a data recovery engineer will not be able to provide a quote until they have had the opportunity to diagnose the failed device. Following this diagnosis, they will be able t...