How to get a fixed-price data recovery quote

So, you’re in need of data recovery services and, like any sensible businessperson, you want to know how much it’s going to cost so that you can consider how it’ll affect your bottom line.

Hey, we don’t blame you. In a perfect world we’d all know how much something was going to cost and be able to gauge the value of the investment beforehand. Data recovery can be required because key data that is vital to a business’s day-to-day activities has been lost and, when this is the case, the cost is almost irrelevant as the data must be recovered. In other situations, however, data is lost that is assumed to have some value but it’s exact worth is not fully known or understood. When the latter situation applies, the lack of transparency concerning the cost of actually recovering the data makes it difficult to determine whether or not doing so would be fiscally sensible.

Of course, if data recovery experts were able to offer their services for a fixed-price, this problem would be negated. There are, however, a number of factors that need to be considered before it’s possible to determine how long the recovery will take, the manpower that the recovery will require, the tools and techniques that will need to be utilised and so on. This means that, before the media has been analysed, the problem identified, and a solution determined, it is simply not possible to state how much the recovery will cost. But what if there was a way to get a fixed-quote without any initial spend?

Here’s how you can get a fixed-price quotation for data recovery services

If the situation we’ve described above sounds all too familiar, we have some very, very good news: we offer a data recovery diagnostic service completely free-of-charge! Yes, we’ll perform a diagnostic on your failed media, determine if your data can be recovered and, following, this, will provide you with a fixed-quote for our data recovery services. We’ll even provide you with a file list of all of the recoverable data contained on your media so you’ll know exactly what you’ll get back.

Equally important is the fact that the quote we provide is 100% free of obligation. If you don’t want the recovery to go ahead, you can simply request that your media be returned to you. This means that you can determine whether or not this fee represents a worthwhile investment and make your decision accordingly.

So, if you lose data, you no longer need to guess whether or not it’s worth investing in data recovery services. You can find out exactly how much it’ll cost to get your data back and you’ll be able to work out whether or not it’s a worthwhile investment. After all, good business decisions are based on facts, not assumptions!

In order to get your fixed-price data recovery quote, you can book a diagnostic through our website or call our team directly on 02078 626 349.