How to find out the cost of getting your data recovered

When we find ourselves needing to spend money in order to fix a problem – whether it be to repair a leaking pipe, a faulty car or anything else – we want to know how much it’s going to cost us. Data recovery is no exception.

If we have a problem with a house, car, washing machine etc. we generally know who to contact for a quote. Recovering data from a failed hard drive, SSD etc. is a much more specific task, however, and knowing who to contact – and therefore the task of obtaining a quote – is far more problematic as a result. Equally concerning for those in need of such services is the fact that, whilst many of us have a rough idea of what will be required to repair most mechanical items, the kind of work that’s undertaken by data recovery engineers is a mystery to the majority of people. Because of this, Fields Data Recovery provide two unique services: our data recovery price guide, and a free diagnostic and data recovery quote.

We recognise that a lack of transparency within this sector has resulted in many would-be-users being reluctant to pursue recovery services after losing their data. In response, we’ve provided these resources in order to enhance clarity, firstly by providing users with a tool that allows them to view the prices recent customers paid for similar recoveries and, secondly, to provide them with an accurate no-obligation quote.

How our data recovery price guide works

We maintain a record of all data recovery jobs we complete, including the fee we charge. By visiting our data recovery price guide and providing some basic information such as media type, operating system and storage size, users can view the prices three recent customers paid for similar recoveries.

This gives users an approximate idea of how much it’ll cost for them to get their data back – but Fields Data Recovery can also tell them precisely how much it’ll cost.

Our free data recovery diagnostic

We also recognise that, once they have a rough idea of costs, people then want a precise quote. Therefore, we offer a completely free diagnostic.

Our diagnostic will see engineers analyse the problem media and determine how best to recover the data. We then provide a no-obligation quote. If the user doesn’t like the price, we return their media to them – and all without charging them a penny.


It’s not only easy to find out exactly how much data recovery costs, but completely risk free, too.

With Fields Data Recovery, you can get an approximate idea of how much it’ll cost you to get your data back and then get a precise quote following this.

What’s more, as we don’t charge for our diagnostic service and return all media free-of-charge when people opt against using our services, there’s no reasons not to find our how much it’ll cost to get your data back.

Interested? You can book a completely free data recovery diagnostic here.