Is this the most rugged of all rugged external drives?

Hard drives, for the most part, are extremely reliable. Yes, some suffer from mechanical failure, but this is rare. Other faults are equally atypical and the number one cause of data loss is actually human error, specifically from drops, shocks etc. Astute manufacturers – aware of both this and that there were users who would go to great lengths to protect their data – began offering external drives housed in durable casings that offered greater protection from drops, shocks and even water. Taiwanese memory and storage manufacturer ADATA Technology have recently unveiled their latest rugged drive; and it has some extremely impressive features.

The HD830 encases a 2, 4 or 5TB HDD in shock protection coating, pressure-resistant aluminium and silicon casing – all of which means it can, its manufacturers claim, withstand up to three tons of downward pressure. ADATA have also claimed that the drive can withstand falls from heights of more than one metre and that cushioned mountings continuously hold the drive itself firmly in place.

In addition, the HD830 also boasts sensors which stop the drive operating when physical trauma such as impact due to a fall is detected. In order to let users know when this feature has been activated, the drive’s LED indicator light will flash red before returning to the solid blue display when the danger has passed. ADTA have also claimed that the HD830 is capable of retaining data even when submerged in water for prolonged periods of time.

All in all, this makes for an extremely impressive and very, very tough HDD. Granted, it might seem like overkill to most but, let’s not forget that the value of data is subjective and, furthermore, that there are individuals who would be creating content in hostile environments. Consider, for example, a cameraman shooting a nature documentary in the Amazonian rainforest or an extreme sports enthusiast. Both of these people could potentially benefit from having a HD830.

Of course, it’ll be the price of these drives that’ll determine the rate at which users will adopt them and, at this time, ADATA have yet to reveal the price of each variant of the HD830. Furthermore, no official release date has been provided either.

What do you think? Is ADATA’s super-rugged drive a good idea or is it unlikely to find a market? Let us know by leaving a comment. 

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