Collection of 14TB HDDs unveiled by Seagate

I think it’s safe to say that everyone who works in the technology sector – from PHP developers to data recovery service providers – all agree that we need more data storage space. Fortunately, manufacturers agree with such assessments; none more so than Seagate whose latest collection of HDDs not only increase the media’s maximum capacity by a not insignificant 2TBs, but that are also available in several variations designed to meet the needs of various users.

Seagate’s newest range of 14TB HDDs includes the Iron Wolf range for network attached storage, the Barracuda range for those looking for a high-performance HDD for their computers, the SkyHawk range – designed to work in conjunction with surveillance systems – and, finally, the Exos range which – thanks to lower running/cooling costs and improved scalability – is perfect for enterprise consumers.

Both the Barracuda and Iron Wolf ranges are available in both standard and pro variations. The more expensive version of the former is faster, has an extended warranty and is designed for users who require a high-capacity piece of storage media such as those who work in creative sectors or simply people with a large amount of video and music files. The superior version of the Iron Wolf drive includes specialist software designed to reduce errors caused by vibrations and was created with users managing large media servers in mind.

The SkyHawk range has been engineered to work with equipment that is permanently on. The drive can support as many as 64 HD cameras and is also capable of withstanding 550TBs of writes and re-writes per annum.

Finally, the Exos range prioritises efficiency, security and reliability and, by increasing storage capacity whilst simultaneously reducing running costs, allows datacentres to offer users more storage space without needing to increasing their overheads.

Of course, the general consensus is that SSDs will soon replace HDDs as the most commonplace storage media used in commercial and residential settings, but there is still a considerable demand for high-capacity HDDs. Indeed, this is the reason why Seagate and other manufacturers continue to improve existing technologies in order to improve the capacities this media canoffer. All in all, we think there’s plenty of life left in the HDD yet.

Fields Data Recovery have recovered data from thousands of Seagate drives and are certain that these drives will prove popular amongst enterprise consumers. Their latest array of 14TB drives are now available for purchase with prices ranging from £459 to £600. Would you consider purchasing one or do you think HDDs are living on borrowed time? Let us know by leaving a comment.