How do data recovery clean rooms work?

At Fields Data Recovery, we use a number of different tools to ensure we give ourselves the best chance of recovering your precious data. Ranging from standard equipment like soldering irons and stereoscopic microscopes to complex and specialist facilities, like our state of the art data recovery clean room. When hard drives are damaged, its often not impossible to recover data but it can be incredibly difficult to do unless under the right conditions. When the drives are initially assembled by the manufacturer, they’re put together under strict conditions that are completely clean and sterile due to how sensitive the inside of the technology can be. If even a speck of dust finds its way inside, the entire head can crash, and all of your data can be lost. That’s why it’s so important to send off your media to us as soon as you have an issue, opening up the hard drive yourself can only generate bigger problems and full data loss.

Our clean room

When our engineers open up your drive, they do it in our clean room, the perfect environment to guarantee no contaminants such as dust or smoke can find their way inside. Our clean room utilises three separate clean air modules which pump 1,000 cubic metres of filtered air into the room every hour ensuring that it is completely contaminant free at all times. Our lab technicians take extra steps, including the use of lab coats, surgical masks and gloves to limit the amount of potential damage that can be done due to the critical nature of the work. Read and write heads are what dictate where your data is stored, what format it can be found in and what it says and they’re also shockingly sensitive parts of a hard drive. If a small foreign particle finds its way into the drive, the heads can strike the platter and turn all of the data into an unreadable mess commonly referred to as a head crash.

The air around us has roughly 35 million particles per cubic metre, and clean rooms can reduce that figure to just 12 particles. The few particles that do survive and find their way into the clean room are significantly smaller than those that we might see swirling around us on a sunny day, too, and have been studied to be so small that they don’t interact with the platters in the same destructive way as their larger counterparts. Inside the clean room, the lab technicians will begin the process of repairs by replacing the faulty and broken parts of your hard drive with useable donor parts. We have over 14,000 spare donor parts in our library and have 17 years of expertise in diagnostics so we’re well prepared to recover your data. In fact, we have a recovery rate of over 92%, and that’s across all media and failure types.

Our process

We boast these great rates of success because of our unparalleled service and straightforward data recovery process. You can apply for a no obligation quote today and receive your personalised shipping form within minutes. Then, you package your media up and send it to us securely via Royal Mail Special Delivery or Courier – your choice. Once we receive your media, we can get to work and run our diagnostics to find out what’s gone wrong and how we can help. We then send you a full file list of all the items we can recover from the device and quote you the exact price you will be looking at paying. If we can’t recover your data, we’ll send it back free of charge. If we can, and you’re happy with the quote, we can move forward and transfer all of your precious recovered data to a new media and return it to you via secure next-day delivery after payment. Sounds simple, right? We’re even ISO 9001 accredited so you can rest assured all internal processes and procedures are of the highest standard.

We love a challenge, so Fields Data Recovery often undertakes work that is unprecedented and hasn’t been attempted by any other companies. Our team utilises a strong Research and Development ethic and we’re always trying to figure out new and more effective strategies of recovering data to bring costs down for the customer and make our work even faster and of an even higher quality.

What are you waiting for? Apply for your no obligation data recovery quote today.