Can a broken hard drive be repaired?

People that regularly use computers will inevitably have to deal with a failed or broken hard drive at some point in their lives. Just as a car will eventually cease to function effectively as a result of one of its many moving parts no longer working as it should, hard drives are mechanical devices and – with their various components becoming a little bit weaker each time they’re used – will eventually fail. Replacing a broken car with a new one, however, is less cost-effective than repairing it 99.9% of the time whereas the expense accrued having a hard drive repaired will always be greater than the cost of simply buying a new one; then again, that’s not really the point!

The true value of a hard drive – and any type of storage media for that matter – is not the cost of the device itself but the worth the user attaches to the data held on it. This data can be important to users because of its potential monetary value, emotional merit, practical use or anything else. Repairing a hard drive will not restore the data it holds. In fact, the task of putting a broken hard drive back together again is – if not done within a unique environment – certain to result in it being lost altogether. So, when a hard drive does fail, what can be done?

What data recovery companies do

In the most basic terms, data recovery companies recover lost data. You’d probably already guessed this, though, so we think ‘how do data recovery companies recover data from broken hard drives?’ is a far more pertinent question – and we have the answer!

The first thing that we’ll need to do to a hard drive that’s suffered from mechanical failure is open it up within a sterile environment – specifically our state-of-the-art cleanroom.

This is essential as, whilst everyday particles and contaminants are harmless to us, they can cause significant damage to a hard drive. Should one microscopic element find its way onto the part of the drive where data is stored (commonly known as a ‘platter’) anything stored on it will be lost permanently. Clean rooms ensure this doesn’t happen by frequently extracting old air from the room and replacing it with fresh air from which the vast majority of particles have been removed via a filter. Any that survive are too small to cause any damage.

Once the drive is in the clean room and its platters exposed, our technicians can begin the process of reading and duplicating the data held on the drive before then transferring it to a new one.

How much does it cost to recover data from a broken hard drive?

Sadly, because the process of extracting and duplicating data differs depending on the drive’s model and manufacturer, how it’s been used, it’s age and numerous other variables, there’s no easy answer to this question. The good news is that finding out is easy thanks to our diagnostic service and, as it won’t cost you a penny, it’s completely risk free too!

Find out how much it’ll cost to get your data back with our free data recovery diagnostic and no-obligation quote