How to protect data stored on your iPhone

The data we have stored on our phones has become an integral part of our day-to-day lives. Smartphones have become so commonplace and are capable of doing so much that this is by no means surprising. Everything from our notes, to our contacts and even our photographs and videos are tremendously important, both practically and emotionally. This means, sadly, that if a user finds that their smartphone has lost data, it has truly meaningful consequences.

iPhones losing data is actually much more common than you might think. People regularly delete things they wanted or needed to keep. Software updates can also go wrong and render a phone unusable. It’s also far from uncommon for people to restore an old backup of their iPhone only to realise this has resulted in them losing data they created following them having made the backup in question. Whatever the cause of the loss, though, one thing is certain: the user is unhappy, frustrated and wants their data back!

The task of recovering data from an iPhone can be performed by a data recovery service provider such as ourselves, but users can save themselves both the inconvenience and the cost by:

Backing up regularly

It’s an old-fashioned way of preserving data, but it’s also tremendously effective. Simply set a few minutes aside each week to connect your iPhone to your computer and back it up via iTunes. While the process is underway (it can take a while) you can treat yourself to some ‘me time’. So, catch-up on your favourite shows, have a bath, listen to some music; do whatever makes you happy whilst safe in the knowledge that your taking care of your precious data.

Getting an iCloud account

Paying for an iCloud account is, providing you don’t have a colossal amount of data stored on your phone and other Apple devices, a sensible option. For less than £1 a month, users are given 50GB of online storage. With most of us having opted for iPhones that store between 16 and 32GBs of data, this nominal fee will provide us with all of the online storage we’ll need; provided you’re only looking to backup data stored on an iPhone, that is.

If you’re also using an iPad, Mac etc. and want to back these up too, you’ll need to pay a larger fee. If you’re looking to protect data stored across several devices, Apple offer a family subscription that’ll provide 2TBs (2,000GBs) of online storage for £6.99 a month.