Why we offer a free data recovery diagnostic

How much will it cost for me to get my data back?’ is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the question we’re asked most regularly. Sadly, because data can be lost for a plethora of reasons and both these along with the device type itself will affect the tools, skills and software required for a successful recovery, providing an exact quote is no easy task.

Just like a plumber will need to examine a leak in your home or a mechanic will need to look at your car before they can provide you with a quote, our engineers will need to look at your drive, determine the cause of the problem and what we’ll need to complete the recovery before we can tell you how much a recovery will cost. Whilst this means that you’ll need to send us your media, we have a unique promise: you won’t pay us a penny unless you accept our quote. Should you decide not to accept our stated price, we’ll return your media to you free of charge.

Indeed, our fee no-obligation diagnostic has become one of the cornerstones upon which our business has been built. We know that your data is precious (it is, after all, why you want to find out the cost of recovering it) and we want you to feel assured that it’s in the best possible hands; hands that know how important it is that you get your data back and that, if a recovery is not possible, that we’re honest, transparent and explain why before returning your drive to you free of charge.

Sadly, far too many companies fail to recognise the importance of offering prospective customers such reassurances instead passing the initial costs they accrue on to them directly and eliminating their motivation to identify the most effective means of recovering the data held on relevant drives.

Ultimately, we offer a free data recovery diagnostic because  we want anyone that has suffered from the unpleasant and often distressing effects of data loss to rest safe in the knowledge that they won’t find themselves out of pocket in the event that their data is unrecoverable. We understand that choosing which company to trust with your drive can be exceptionally difficult and want to do everything to assure you that your drive is in the best possible hands as a result.

If you’ve lost data and want to find out if it can be recovered, click here to get in touch with Fields Data Recovery today.