Is your computer hard drive failing? Here’s how to tell

Hard drives crash, and it can happen any time from day one to several years down the line. It’s actually more convenient if it happens on day one because then it’s almost definitely a factory or manufacturing issue and it’s likely that you’ll only have a small amount of your precious data stored on it. Within a few months, though, it’ll be stuffed full of your personal photos and documents. Waking up to discover that it packed in and given up the ghost overnight would be a nightmare. It was all so tragically sudden – or was it? You might have been sitting on a ticking time bomb just waiting to crash that had been trying to send you hints for weeks.

Though you might not be able to pinpoint exactly when it’s going to happen, you should be able to see when your hard drive is getting close to the end of its life by looking out for these top tips and might be able to save its life before it ever reaches us.

Unusual noises

If you’ve had your computer for a few years and you know all its normal clicks and whirrs, a new set of alarming sounds should set some alarm bells off for you. You should also look out for screeching, beeping and grinding as massive warning signs that your precious data could be for the chop.

Corrupted Files

A common but lesser known sign of hard disk failure. If you go from saving files without a hitch to suddenly being unable to open them it’s not looking good for you.

Disappeared files

You open up your folder to look for some of your usual files, and they’re suddenly missing. Fear strikes into your heart. We’ve been there buddy, and we’re telling you your hard drive is at fault.

Lacklustre performance

Your once impressive machine, your pride and joy with performance speeds to rival Usain Bolt, is now moving at the speed of a glacier – and you’re just trying to open up a word document! It’s also freezing when you launch apps, try to save documents and browse your favourite social media sites. There’s definitely a problem with your hard drive.

Keep your eyes and ears open for all the ways your hard drive is trying to let you know how it's feeling, and if you can't catch it in time then we offer a completely free data recovery diagnostic.