How we recover deleted photos from your SD card

When you send your device off to us for your data to be recovered, you probably wonder exactly what goes on inside our lab. Fields Data Recovery has been operating for almost twenty years and in that time, we have completed over 150,000 diagnostics. We have an industry leading recovery rate of 92.5% and hundreds of glowing reviews from previous clients, and the reason we do what we do so well is down to our innovative and effective practices. We’re always learning and improving, and we’re happy to take on the most difficulty cases that others can’t – we just research and create new ways to tackle those issues. SD cards are some of the most common devices we’re sent from clients and the process starts like any other. We run our diagnostic!

SD and Micro SD Cards

SD and Micro SD cards are usually found inside small portable devices like cameras or mobile phones and can stop working for any number of reasons. You might have dropped it in water, it might have crashed, or you could have accidentally deleted your sensitive data yourself. Regardless of how it happened, we’re confident we can recover it for you. If, for example, you accidentally deleted a series of important images from your camera and you want them back there’s a basic science to how the technology inside works that makes our job straightforward. Essentially, there are several set areas of space available for storage inside your device and when you delete something the area it was stored in is freed up again. This means that until new data is saved in its place, the information is still held inside waiting to be written over. If you accidentally delete something, we always recommend immediately turning off your device and sending it off to us straight away so there is no change it will be over-written.

When we receive the card, our technicians will start the painstaking process of piecing together your file byte by byte based on where the device tells them the removed file is stored. Once this is done, you can access and view your data and we can produce a full report of every file we have recovered so you can decide if you want them back. When conducting our free diagnostic on your SD card, Fields' technicians will use their expertise in microelectronics to:

·         Interface with the media at the level required via custom, bespoke soft and hardware;

·         If necessary, directly access the media's NAND memory; and

·         Develop a custom plan for the safe extraction of your data.

With a high-definition image file typically several megabytes in size (and with just one megabyte equating to a million bytes), it would be an impossible task for our technicians alone and the cost would be stratospheric. For this reason, we utilise specialist software to keep costs down for the consumer and all of our engineers are trained and experienced professionals who are comfortable using cutting edge technology in this way. We also maintain a library of over 14,000 spare and donor parts at all times so there is a need to replace any faulty component we usually have the appropriate part at hand already, saving valuable time for you.

After our diagnostic

After we run our diagnostic and send you your full file list, all for free, you have the option to accept our quote and we can send your data back to you on a new device via Next Day delivery! If you decline, we send you back your original device in the post and you are under no obligation to pay us anything for the work we did. We believe this keeps things fair for you, the client, and if you are unhappy with our quote you are welcome to take the device to another company and progress your data recovery with them. That’s how confident we are that we can recover your data on the first attempt, for a price you’ll be happy with! Our diagnostic service is 24 hours, so you can send your device to us whenever is convenient for you, and we have five offices located around the UK if you prefer to drop it to us yourself rather than use our Royal Mail Special Delivery or Courier Service. Call us today on 0800 083 7891 and one of our Account Managers can answer any other questions you might still have.