How to get a free, no-obligation data recovery quote

How much does it cost to recover data?’ is one of the most common questions Fields Data Recovery’s staff are asked. In fact, it’s likely that each individual public-facing member of staff is asked it at least once each day!

Sadly, this is a question that cannot be answered with any reasonable degree of accuracy before an engineer has analysed the drive, diagnosed it and determined both the problem and solution. A quote cannot be provided before this for the same reason that a doctor cannot prescribe drugs before examining a patient: a reasonable amount of information can be gleaned remotely, but not enough to be certain of the cause of the failure or the best means of recovering the data.

Because of this, Fields Data Recovery offers a completely free diagnostic service that is without obligation. This means that you can find out exactly how much it’ll cost you to get your data recovered and it’s completely risk-free – if you don’t like the price, don’t pay it and we’ll return your storage media to you directly.

If you’re wondering what factors will affect the overall cost of retrieving your data, here are the three most influential factors in determining this:

Spare parts

Mechanical failure is one of the main causes of data loss and, under such circumstances, parts are certainly going to need to be replaced.

Some parts are more expensive than others and, should spare parts be required, the cost of the recovery will differ depending on what they are and their individual cost.

Skillsets needed

Just as some parts are more expensive than others, some skills demand a higher wage than others.

Replacing and repairing failed parts is a very different skill to software engineering, for example, and as different specialities demand different wages, this too will affect the price you’re quoted.


When you boil it down, the amount of time a task will take is nigh-on always what has the greatest effect on how much it costs. A task that can be completed in minutes is certainly going to be cheaper than one that takes days, for example.

So, as complicated recoveries take more time to complete, they will incur a larger cost.

There are other factors that will alter the overall cost of your quote but, generally, the overall amount of data that you need recovered won’t have any effect on the price you’ll pay.