How much does data recovery cost?

Whether you’re looking to recover data from a phone, a memory card, a hard drive or anything else, no company will be able to provide you with an accurate quote until they’ve diagnosed your media and determined the problem. Before this has been done, it is simply not possible to determine what will need to be done to recover your data and, as a result, the cost.

Just as a builder, mechanic or plumber would be unable to let you know how much a job will cost before they’ve looked at your home, car or boiler, a data recovery engineer will not be able to provide a quote until they have had the opportunity to diagnose the failed device. Following this diagnosis, they will be able to say what needs to be done in order to recover the data held on it, the amount of time this will take and what tools and techniques will need to be utilised. Once this has been done, a quote for datarecovery can be provided.

As you’d expect with the aforementioned trades, a quote should be provided without obligation. Sadly, though, many data recovery companies charge their customers for diagnostic services. Fields Data Recovery, though, offer this service without charge and without obligation.

Taking advantage of this service couldn’t be more straightforward: you send us your device, we perform a diagnostic, determine what needs to be done to recover your data and how much of it can be recovered (we’ll provide you with a document listing all of the recoverable files), let you know how much the recovery will cost and, depending on your decision, either recover your data or return your device to you free-of-charge.

We believe that providing this service for free and without obligation is vital. We wouldn’t expect to pay for a quote and neither should you. We think that by offering a free diagnostic, we help to foster a trusting relationship between ourselves and our customers and, as your data will no doubt be of great value to you, we think that’s pretty important!

So, whilst it’s not possible for this or any other blog post to answer how much it will cost for you to recover your data, there is a quick and easy way to find out. Get in touch with Fields Data Recovery to take advantage of our free diagnostic service today.