Five ways to improve your iPhone’s battery life

It’s clear that smartphoneshave revolutionised the way we live. We’re only ever a few clicks away from the latest news or discovering what’s happening in our friends’ lives, but all this increased connectivity comes at a cost: low-battery anxiety.

Research has shown that an astonishing 90% of us feel anxious when our smartphone’s battery drops below 20% (considering how anxious many of our clients are as a result of them needing iPhone data recovery services, we're not surprised) so, with this in mind, Fields Data Recovery thought we’d share our top five tips for extending your iPhone’s battery life. Don’t worry Android fans, we’ll be writing a piece for you shortly.

1.       Close your apps

Are you one of those people that opens an app and, when you’re done with it, just minimises it and leaves it open in the background? If you’re not sure what we mean, it’s a pretty safe bet that you are.

To close any apps you don’t need permanently open, simply double tap your home button and swipe up on them. Once they’re closed, they won’t be updating in the background and this will have a positive effect on your battery’s life span.

2.       Turn off Location Services

This is a feature that I, for one, have rarely found useful. I know the city I live in well and therefore know where to eat, what offers are available etc. The plan to push notifications with new offers from retailers has never really taken off either so, in my eyes, Location Services is just an unnecessary drain on battery life. Plus, considering recent concerns regarding privacy and how our data’s used, do you really want to provide one of the world’s other tech giants with the opportunity to track your every move? Didn’t think so!

3.       Turn down your screen’s brightness

Yes, we know that the bright and brilliant display is one of the iPhone’s best features but keeping the brightness turned up is going to be a significant drain on your battery.

Instead, if you can see the screen and what you’re doing, accept that it’s bright enough. Turning on auto-brightness will even take care of this for you.

4.       Turn off Bluetooth

Be honest, how often do you connect your phone to another device using Bluetooth other than when you’re in your car or, maybe, to a speaker when you’re at home? Rarely, we bet.

When it’s on, though, your phone is constantly looking for other devices it can connect to, unnecessarily draining your battery’s juice in the process. If you know you’re not going to be connecting your phone to a device via Bluetooth which, let’s be honest, should be most of the time, then just turn this feature off.  

5.       Use Airplane Mode

If you’re struggling to find any kind of signal, you can save precious battery life by switching on Airplane Mode. Trust us, when your phone’s desperately looking for a signal, your battery will drain rapidly so this will make a big, big difference.