Can data be recovered from a smartphone?

Smartphone data recovery and variations on this search term have, over the last few years, grown into some of our biggest sources of traffic and enquiries. To understand why, you only need to consider how these devices are now used.

Mobile phones first became commonplace when I was in my early teens in the late nineties. The introduction of pay-as-you-go plans proved to be a popular choice for those who’d been concerned about expensive monthly bills and the market grew at a remarkable rate. Before this, it was unusual to know someone who owned a mobile phone, today it’s considered strange if someone doesn’t.

Today’s phones are also considerably more advanced than those we were all using 20 years ago. Back then, phones could make calls and send texts. Some had games (anyone remember snake?) but, by-and-large, they were utilitarian devices – not the sophisticated and powerful items we use today.

It is this rise in power and features that is behind the growth of the enquires mentioned previously. The phones that were available in the nineties rarely contained any data that would been of value, but this is far from the case today. My phone, for example, is packed full of photos and videos of my daughter, important notes, a calendar of my upcoming appointments and more; in essence, it’s a small, handheld computer that is nigh-on always powered up and ready to use. Take this into consideration and it should come as no surprise that more and more smartphone users are opting to get their data recovered when their devices fail.

The good news is that, thanks to the hard work of our in-house research and development team, cutting edge equipment and skilled engineers,Fields Data Recovery is capable of recovering data from all mobiledevices and tablets irrespective of the storage media, operating system or anything else they utilise.

Perhaps this article has struck a chord with you but you’re concerned about both the validity of our claims and the potential costs of getting your phone’s data recovered? We have good news: you can find out if your data can be recovered and how much it’ll cost by taking advantage of our completely free, no-obligation diagnostic service by clicking here.