What happens to a hard drive when it overheats

15 Feb 2019
Heat is a typical by-product of many of the devices we use on a daily basis. Engines, for example, produce a tremendous amount of heat; as do items like washing machines, televisions, blenders and more. Anything that uses moving parts or needs an electrical current to function will generate heat. Thanks to advances in cooling technology, overheating is now less of an issue that it has been at any other time – but it’s not been eradicated in its entirety… and hard drives and high temperatures are not the best of friends! When any device is forced to operate in a hot environment, its performance suffers. As far as hard drives are concerned, this can come in the form of slow read/wri...

Dropped your hard drive? Here’s why it’s stopped working

01 Feb 2019
There is not a single person on this planet that has not, at some point in their lives, accidentally damaged a household electronic item. Televisions get knocked off stands, metal objects find their way in to washing machines, phones get stood on – these are just a few common examples and, here at Fields Data Recovery, we’re well accustomed to helping people who’ve dropped their laptops or external drives. It’s more common than you’d think and, sadly, the first thing that 99.9% of people do after such an accident is the worst thing they could possibly do under such circumstances. Never power up a dropped hard drive We know from first-hand experience that the first thing you’ll...

Why hard drives can stop spinning

25 Jan 2019
When you start up your computer, you’ll be used to hearing a gentle emanate from it. This is the sound of the discs (platters) spinning and, when this no longer happens, your hard drive cannot read your data. How a hard drive stores and retrieves data All data that is stored on a hard drive is found within its disks. Everything that is stored here – whether a photograph, music file, word document or anything else – is comprised of ones or zeroes, each of which is written onto small sections of these disks. Each one or zero is known as a byte. When a hard drive is relatively new, and a large number of these spaces is available, the individual bytes are placed close to one an...

How to protect data stored on your iPhone

18 Jan 2019
The data we have stored on our phones has become an integral part of our day-to-day lives. Smartphones have become so commonplace and are capable of doing so much that this is by no means surprising. Everything from our notes, to our contacts and even our photographs and videos are tremendously important, both practically and emotionally. This means, sadly, that if this data is lost, it has meaningful consequences for the user. iPhones losing data is actually much more common than you might think. People regularly delete things they wanted or needed to keep. Software updates can also go wrong and render a phone unusable. It’s also far from uncommon for people to restore an old bac...

Can a broken hard drive be repaired?

28 Dec 2018
People that regularly use computers will inevitably have to deal with a failed or broken hard drive at some point in their lives. Just as a car will eventually cease to function effectively as a result of one of its many moving parts no longer working as it should, hard drives are mechanical devices and – with their various components becoming a little bit weaker each time they’re used – will eventually fail. Replacing a broken car with a new one, however, is less cost-effective than repairing it 99.9% of the time whereas the expense accrued having a hard drive repaired will always be greater than the cost of simply buying a new one; then again, that’s not really the point! The t...

RAID data recovery: just how reliable are RAIDs?

17 Dec 2018
RAID data recovery is a term that is regularly entered into search engines. Vitally, this serves to disprove the widespread and damaging myth that RAIDs are a sure-fire way of keeping vital data safe and are an unassailable means of preserving digital files. RAIDs can and do fail and, whilst they offer a degree of protection that will at times allow an IT professional to retrieve lost data without the need to enlist additional support following a failure, there are certain to be times that the assistance of RAID data recovery experts will be needed. The majority of RAID setups offer additional protection against data loss, the only exception being RAID 0 which offers improved r...

How to erase all the information on your Hard Drive

14 Dec 2018
If you’re looking to sell your desktop or laptop to make some money, you probably want to remove all of your personal data from it before you send it out into the big wide world on its own. If you’re thinking about just deleting everything and considering it ‘wiped’ we’ve got some news for you – it isn’t wiped. You’ve just removed the obvious shortcuts to access your photos and documents, but the real data is still hidden inside just waiting for someone savvy to pluck it out. You might have even formatted the hard drive and expected that to remove everything, but that isn’t always the case. Formatting can leave some important remnants behind, and the risk isn’t worth taking with you...

How we recover deleted photos from your SD card

05 Dec 2018
When you send your device off to us for your data to be recovered, you probably wonder exactly what goes on inside our lab. Fields Data Recovery has been operating for almost twenty years and in that time, we have completed over 150,000 diagnostics. We have an industry leading recovery rate of 92.5% and hundreds of glowing reviews from previous clients, and the reason we do what we do so well is down to our innovative and effective practices. We’re always learning and improving, and we’re happy to take on the most difficulty cases that others can’t – we just research and create new ways to tackle those issues. SD cards are some of the most common devices we’re sent from clients and...

Your guide to buying a new hard drive

05 Dec 2018
So your old hard drive has died, taking with it all of your hard earned and much loved data. You’ve used our online price guide to get your quote, and you’ve sent your device off to us, so we can work our magic and get it back for you. That’s one big problem sorted, but now you have another looming over the horizon. You need a new hard drive. Solid state drives (or SSDs) have become standard over time for boot drives, and you may well use one if you’re a big gamer or use your device for intensive professional work, but most of us are still relying on hard disk drives for our bulk storage. In shopping around for your new HDD you can fall into a common trap of assuming all mechanical...

Is data recovery covered by your warranty?

29 Nov 2018
Your first thought when your hard drive fails will probably be about whether or not your device is still under warranty. If it is, you’re probably breathing a sigh of relief about all the money you’ll be saving for repairs or the purchasing of a new drive. That’s all very well and good, but what about getting all the precious data back from the drive before you get your shiny new one – will that be covered by your warranty? The answer is a little more complicated. If your hard drive hadn’t failed, you wouldn’t have lost your data, so shouldn’t your warranty pay out for the recovery? Well, put simply, the importance and monetary value of the data on everyone’s unique devices is so...